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We support organisations in the development of organisational culture

Our key specialisations:

Diversity is the potential that an organisation can build a competitive advantage on, however, it is also a challenge that requires proactive steps. In our work with clients we co-create conditions for the optimum exploitation of diversity, for the better understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the perception of otherness, and for the conscious creation of strategies to manage diversity.

We answer the following challenges:

  • How to find the shared values in an organisation?
  • To what degree should we be tolerant in an organisation? And where to set the limits?
  • How to manage staff from different generations, with different needs and styles of work?
  • How to prevent threats that stem from diversity?
  • How to make use of the potential of people with different experiences in the organisation?
  • What diversity management competences should be developed in managers?
  • How to integrate people of various ages?

We specialise in:

  • diagnosing and shaping an organisational culture that favours making the best use of the potential of diversity and building a culture of belonging
  • building the organisation’s identity and a vision of leadership around coherent values
  • preventing diversity-related threats
  • managing the resources of unique knowledge, talents, competences, and staff experience
  • developing the management competences of people running diverse teams
  • building communication strategies that account for various communication needs and styles
  • Train the Trainers – supporting internal training teams to develop competences in working with a diverse training group
  • managing diversity in the organisation in various areas: gender, age, experience, cultural differences, and styles of work.


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