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We support organisations in the development of organisational culture

Our key specialisations:

The structure of the organisation, beginning with its strategic goals and ending with procedures and job descriptions, is exceedingly important, yet it is dead if it has not been filled by people. If it has been properly designed, the difference between a spectacular success, surviving in the market, or an absolute disaster depends primarily on the daily work of the managers: whether they are capable of creating conditions for the staff to become engaged in the achievement of a common goal, to cooperate with others, to learn and develop.

We answer the following challenges:

  • How to be the boss for your colleagues?
  • How important is the authenticity of the leader: is being a leader an identity, a role, or a mask?
  • How to choose a style for a situation: to listen, to manage efficiently, or to manage so that they listen?
  • How to get buy in from others?
  • Are you born a leader, or can you learn to be one?
  • How to develop people and draw from their current resources?
  • How to care simultaneously for the needs of people and those of the organisation?
  • How to build authority?

We specialise in teaching leaders:

  • to take on their role consciously: leadership is not an indicator of status, but a job to be done
  • to involve people: leadership is discovering answers to the question “why”
  • to build relationships based on partnership: leadership is mobilising others to take responsibility
  • to manage collective thinking and learning: leadership is the development of optimum conditions for the group’s potential.


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