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Who is a HR Business Partner?

An HR Business Partner undertakes various HR activities to increase the business efficiency of the organisation he or she works for. Essential here are partnership in the relations, synergy, and mutual trust: “HR” should understand well the “business”, its specific traits, needs, and goals. In turn, “business” should perceive the applicability of HR actions for the attainment of its goals. The HR Business Partner is responsible for building relations with business representatives in order to develop a mutual strong partnership. And the HR Business Partner acts in support of increasing the company’s efficiency by providing skilled staff, developing the competences that are of key importance for the company. It also includes increasing people’s effectiveness (by working on commitment, organisational culture, and leadership style), and implementing organisational changes.


One of the experiences that gives great satisfaction in the work of an HR Business Partner is when employees begin to perceive that various “HR” initiatives actually translate into the efficiency of the work, and turn to him or her with their needs with increasing trust.

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