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Who is a Manager?

A manager is responsible for a business goal that the team he or she manages is to achieve. So the manager’s activity focuses on the result, but it is a result he or she does not achieve alone. The task is to organise the work of people so that they attain the objectives that have been set for them efficiently. A manager works with the entire team and its individual members, in order to attain the goal.


The manager continuously seeks a balance between making demands and executing them, and supporting the autonomy and commitment of the staff; between the people’s needs and the organisation’s goals; and between the dynamics of continuous change and stability of internal processes. He or she constantly looks for guidance on for how to be a leader who will bring others along with him and thanks to which they will achieve the measurable results.


One of the experiences that give a great satisfaction in the role of the manager is when the team becomes independent and can function effectively, as if they did not require the manager’s activity. Another great source of joy is the possibility of observing how people mature, develop their competences, acquire self-confidence, and finally open up to the undertaking of new challenges and responsibilities.

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