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Why us?

Our own competence profile adapted to the Polish Qualifications Framework, which is the basis for defining learning outcomes of Train the Trainer.

Based on solid knowledge
in the field of learning psychology
and group dynamics.

Active participation - applying the methods and techniques of work independently, gradual taking responsibility for conducting parts of the training.

Experienced trainers in the area of ​​training business and trainers.

Experience in conducting internal Train the Trainers programs for organizations.


years of experience


editions run



Target audience

Train the Trainer is addressed to:

inexperienced trainers

who want to get comprehensive preparation to independently design and implement training in their area of specialisation;

experienced experts

who are looking for new career opportunities and want to learn to share their knowledge through interactive, group-engaging methods;

practicing trainers - freelancers

who want to organize their knowledge and gain a reference point for their previous training activity;

HR managers and internal trainers

responsible for development projects in organizations, onboarding processes and sharing knowledge with other employees.


Iwona Sołtysińska

I am responsible for creating and substantive management of complex training and consulting projects for organizational clients.

My areas of training specialization are understanding group dynamics, creative problem solving, interpersonal competences, and training skills. I lead comprehensive projects of organizational culture change, facilitating work of teams at various levels of organizational structure.

In coaching, I integrate the solution-focused approach with psychodynamic understanding of groups and organizations. A Program Director of Jagiellonian University Extension’s School of Trainers. Co-author of “Employee Training and Organization Development”, as well as other publications for L&D professionals.

dr Maciej Świeży

I work with leadership teams, inviting them to discuss the future of the organisation they manage and helping them to shape their culture together. I run team and individual coaching, and participate in long-term consulting projects supporting organisational change.

I design tools and standards for the professional development of trainers and the development of organisation-wide conditions favouring learning and exchange of experience. I have authored the Małopolska Standards of Education and Training Service, competence profiles, training curricula, and knowledge management tools.

I indicate practical applications of the knowledge of psychology in many fields of life, notably management, training, coaching, problem-solving, and decision-making. I also deliver short, inspiring talks on these subjects. I work in Poland and abroad: I am a member of the international Erickson Coaching International trainer team, and one of the instructors of the School of Thinking programme run by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Artur Krupa

I specialize in training focused on developing training and coaching skills, as well as using insights about group dynamics for managing teams and organizations. I am one of the trainers of “The Art and Science of Coaching”, and the Program Manager of trainers certification process.

I also have many years of experience in design and implementation of learning and development processes for managers and teams. I consult to organizations undergoing important changes, and apply individual or team coaching to support organizations in achieving their business goals.

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Monika Gąsienica

A graduate of psychology from the Jagiellonian University, interested in practical applications of social psychology in groups and organizations, as well as psychology of learning and development.

A member of the International Association of Facilitators, holding a title of Certified Professional Facilitator. I apply facilitation to support organizational change. Interested in facilitation as a method for supporting groups, I am School of Facilitators’ Program Content Supervisor. I am also interested in psychodynamic approaches to groups and organizations. The role of consultant in Group Relations conferences informs my consulting work.

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Katarzyna Gacek

I design and conduct various training programs. As a psychologist by education, I strongly advocate an individual approach to clients. I have been learning issues related to the development of employees over the past 15 years from a number of perspectives – as a trainer conducting training, a professional managing training projects on the substantive and logistical side, a coordinator of trainers’ teams, an internal trainer and a project manager of development projects in the Department of Learning and Development of an international corporation. The experience of working in a corporation helps me to effectively adapt training to the needs of this environment.


Module I

introduction to the role of a trainer

  • 2 days | 16 h

This module introduces a new professional role; it is dedicated to:

  • deepened understanding of assumptions of training work,
  • competencies determining trainer’s efficiency,
  • adults learning situation,
  • comprehension of trainer’s potential and boundaries of his role,
  • basic skills to create environments conducive to learning.

Module II

Basic competencies

  • 4 days | 32 h

Intensive, four-day work on development of the most important communication and interpersonal competencies for trainer’s role. The training includes:

  • clear presentation of knowledge,
  • asking questions and discussion,
  • giving feedback,
  • active listening, summarizing, paraphrasing,
  • aware self-presentation in public appearances,
  • coping with stage fright.

Module III

Constructing training programme

  • 3 days | 24 h

The objective of this module is to provide the trainees with a repertoire of the most useful work methods and ability to independently plan an efficient training. The programme covers:

  • defining training objectives,
  • overview of various methods and techniques of achieving them,
  • adopting training methods to objectives and group specifics,
  • developing a training programme and planning the time,
  • organizational and technical aspects of running trainings,
  • methods of trainings evaluation,
  • creating a programme for one’s own training.

Module IV

Training implementation and group dynamics

  • 4 days | 32 h
  • The module is focused on skills and phenomena accompanying conducting trainings in small groups. The basic method of work is independent carrying out sections of the training by each of the participants. Experience related to it will be used as an opportunity for strengthening trainer’s workshop (implementing various training methods) and for analyzing phenomena connected with group functioning and dynamics of relations between participants:
  • observation of group process,
  • impacting selected elements of group functioning,
  • reacting to difficult training situations.

Training results

Graduates of the Train the Trainer course will be able to:

use available information about needs in order to set adequate training objectives;

develop and run a training applying a set of interactive and engaging methods;

take into consideration group process in the process of planning and running trainings;

flexibly react to various training situations;

apply basic methods of evaluation of learning results.



7 600 PLN + 23% VAT

(9 348 PLN gross) Payment up to 15 days before the training

Standard fee

7 000 PLN + 23% VAT

(8 610 PLN gross) Payment up to 30 days before the training

Discount of 600 PLN

4 x 1 900 PLN + 23% VAT

(2 337 PLN gross) Payment up to 15 days before the training

Standard fee

The fee includes:

  • 104 hours of training (13 days)
  • Training materials
  • Lunch and coffee breaks
  • A certificate of completion of Train the Trainer
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