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Training, facilitated sessions and consulting projects for your organization.


See what areas we work in and what our approach to development is.

We diagnose organizational culture, define directions for change and design actions that enable our clients to consciously shape it according to their needs and expectations.

We offer single facilitated sessions for groups and teams, as well as complex facilitation processes consisting of multiple sessions. We help managers, project leaders and scrum masters improve their skills and become more effective at leading their teams.

We help managers overcome the challenges they face by developing their competences. We empower them with the skills needed to build effective teams that foster partner relationships.

While developing employees’ skills we focus on their work efficiency and well-being. We broaden personal competences, trainer skills and provide stress management training. We improve the quality of cooperation and synergy in teams.

We help people reach their full potential by providing individual coaching sessions for managers and high-potential employees. We also conduct team coaching workshops for teams that play a key role in the organization.

We develop skills that enable designing work environment that foster collaboration towards common goals, problem-solving, and utilizing diversity to achieve high-quality solutions.

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Aneta Marek
Aneta Marek
Head of Organizational Development, Facilitator, Trainer
Magdalena Pecak
Magdalena Pęcak
Consultant of Organizational Development, Facilitator, Trainer
Maciej Kocurek
Maciej Kocurek
Consultant of Organizational Development, Trainer, Facilitator

Online trainings for business

Expert courses that support the development of mental resilience, effective thinking and team management.

Emotions and mental resilience

  • Learn stress coping strategies.
  • Learn to manage your emotions at work.
  • Build habits conducive to openness to change.

Thinking and finding solutions

  • Develop good habits for dealing with information overload.
  • Make more effective decisions.
  • Solve problems more systematically.

Conversation-based management

  • Learn the basic tools a manager should have.
  • Practice key teamwork skills.
  • Strengthen your position as a leader.
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The way we work is the result of many years of experience.

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Organizational Development Team

We facilitate group work during strategic, creative, and knowledge exchange sessions. We use Future Search, Scenario Planning, Design Thinking and Open Space Technology. We also conduct training programs focused on developing facilitation skills.

This is the most basic and frequently chosen form of learning. We refer to proven theories and models and teach how to put them into practice. We work in groups of up to 14 people.

This form is based on the participants’ activity and practical exercises. We strive to ensure that the effectiveness of online training is as high as that of onsite training. We provide reliable knowledge, skills and methodology of teaching adults.

We provide individual or group coaching sessions, mainly for management staff, to support tjem in taking on their professional roles consciously.

We support our clients in building healthy organisations based on cooperation and partnership. We encourage teams to think together about the development of the organisation.

An original method that gives the opportunity to try out various roles of one of the key figures of the business situation played by the actors. The method works particularly well in the development of managerial competences.

This is a form of group qualitative research that shows what moods accompany daily functioning and role-playing in a company environment. We mainly use this method in projects related to the diagnosis of organizational culture. We invite employees to reflect together on their experiences related to working in the company.

“Plantation” is a game that allows you to see the connection between the particular way of thinking and the results achieved. Players experience challenges related to breaking patterns and hidden assumptions, as well as organizing the work of an interdisciplinary team. Conclusions can be applied in everyday work.

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about us

We think of organizations as places of value creation.

We focus on building partner relationships and taking advantage of diversity. We attach great importance to the diagnosis of needs so that the designed programs refer to the real causes of difficulties. We listen to our customers and together with them we make changes in organizations.

Our clients

Our clients’ organizations are the best confirmation of our experience.

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Projektujemy i realizujemy różnorodne sesje i warsztaty facylitowane dopasowane do potrzeb organizacji: 

  • sesje strategiczne,
  • sesje kreatywne,
  • sesje wymiany wiedzy i doświadczeń, 

Realizujemy szkolenia dla określonych przez organizację grup pracowników, głownie dla:

  • trenerów zainteresowanych poszerzeniem swoich kompetencji i rozwojem w roli wewnętrznych facylitatorów,
  • menedżerów chcących korzystać z umiejętności facylitacyjnych podczas prowadzenia spotkań ze swoimi zespołami,
  • koordynatorów projektów zainteresowanych usprawnieniem zespołowego planowania i podziału zadań podczas wspólnych spotkań,
  • scrum masterów, którzy szukają sposobów na zwiększenie zaangażowania członków zespołów w realizację zadań.
Pracujemy zarówno stacjonarnie, jak i online.