Think Tank of Wszechnica UJ

From Healthy Organization to Think Thank

Think Tank was created from the need of constant reflection on the key trends that shape the environment of today’s organisations. 

We notice:

the need to change the operating model to a healthier and more sustainable

the need for organisations to take into account the socio-economic environment and the climate crisis

growing requirements for leaders in the context of the organization's functioning in times of crisis.

Healthy Organization Lab

We came up with the theHealthy Organization model. .

Our research and development projects

As part of international partnerships, we conduct and participate in research on the adult education system and the labor market. We support social organisations and groups with difficult access to modern educational solutions.

together with the Polish Chamber of Training Companies and International Development Norway, we are running a project on creating an environment conducive to learning in organizations.

An important aspect of the implementation of Industry 4.0 technological solutions will be changing the attitudes of employees, including their attitude to the idea of ​​lifelong learning.

During the last edition of learning conferences series, we hosted Mr. Tomasz Stawiszyński and Mr. Kamil Wyszkowski

Contact us

Head of Think Tank
+48 517 496 840
Development Director | Think Tank
+48 510 008 561
Programme Director | Think Tank
+48 506 006 099
PR | Think Tank
+48 515 295 823

Our Team

Rafał Stożek

Head of Think Tank, Facilitator, Researcher

Iwona Sołtysińka

Development Director, Psychologist, Consultant of Organizational Development, Trainer, Coach

Maciej Świeży

Programme Director, Consultant of Organizational Development, Trainer, Coach

Anna Pupek

PR | Think Tank


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