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Who is a Facilitator?

A facilitator manages the work of the group so that it can achieve the best results in the optimum time, using the potential of the people participating in a meeting. He or she is neutral for the content and quality of the developed solutions. In turn, the facilitator makes sure that the proposed manner of operating makes it possible to attain the best result. Like a guide on the road, he or she does not define its destination but chooses the paths that make it easier to reach the destination smoothly.


Undertaking the role of a facilitator requires the skill of designing a meeting, constructive management of group work, withholding any expert advice, refraining from influencing the participants’ decisions or favouring any solutions. A facilitator builds a culture of co-participation and responsibility for the solution.


A facilitator is useful when it is important to involve the people who are concerned by a given question, when a variety of perspectives in looking for solutions is beneficial, and when the subject is difficult and raises emotions and the solution is far from obvious.


Facilitation is especially applied in: agile project management methods, process optimisation, introduction of organisation changes, shaping the culture of innovation, working out solutions, and conducting efficient meetings.


One of the experiences that give great satisfaction in the work of a facilitator is sharing with the participants the pride and joy from the fact that the participants have worked out a result everyone identifies with, and that furthermore, it is far from commonplace.

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