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Our values


We respond to actual needs, and provide support in conscious role taking


We strive for efficiency by concentrating on what is the most important


We speak openly, set limits, and look for balance and reciprocity


We care for quality, and make responsible commitments


We perceive the potential in people and support it being used to the full.

Our team

Izabela Podpłomyk-Antoszek

Iwona Sołtysińska Development Director, consultant, trainer, coach, facilitator

ANETA MAREK Development projects consultant, sales manager

Maciej Kocurek President of the Board, trainer, consultant, facilitator

Monika Gąsienica Trainer, facilitator, coach

Jakub Skrzypek Finance and organisation specialist

Artur Krupa Trainer, coach, consultant, facilitator

Karolina Chmiel Development projects consultant, coach

Magdalena Pęcak Development projects consultant, trainer, facilitator, coach

Karolina Kłeczek Senior development projects manager

Joanna Kudła Development projects manager

Justyna Mazurek Training assistant

Maciej Świeży Programme Director, consultant, trainer

Izabela Górska Development projects consultant, coach, psychologist, trainer

Paweł Grzesik Trainer, actor, coach

Katarzyna Gacek Trainer, consultant

Magdalena Krakowska-Buszek Matketing, PR and event specialist

Rafał Stożek Development and international cooperation specialist

About us

We are a consulting and training company that supports the development of people and organisations. Our work is based on the values we find essential: a sense of purpose, simplicity, and partnership. We create proprietary competence development programmes and OD (Organisation Development) solutions drawing from the results of scientific studies and based on our practice in education and business. As a company set up by the Jagiellonian University, we disseminate solutions based on actual expert knowledge and promoting the idea of Lifelong Learning. We draw from them to answer the needs of the modern economy and reaching with our minds towards the challenges of the organisation of the future. We work with international institutions promoting valuable methods of work, and promote them in the Polish market.

Business consultancy and training

We have helped to build learning organisations that appreciate knowledge and sustainable development. Working with clients, we propose consulting for businesses, staff training, individual and group coaching, facilitation, and creative workshops. We run consulting projects in organisational culture change, innovation, development of organisation strategy, leadership building, developing competences in managing staff, and diversity management. Together with our clients we can create solutions in knowledge management and development of internal trainers and coaching teams, as well as in building a work environment, increasing staff engagement and a sense of satisfaction. We support the idea of involving leadership, reinforcement of staff autonomy and accountability, and work on values in the organisation.

Professional development

From the start of our operation we have trained professionals: trainers, coaches, facilitators, consultants, managers, and HR Business Partners, supporting them in the more conscious and effective embracing of their professional roles. Our open programmes primarily include a coaching course, trainer workshops, training for managers, and a course in facilitation. These are comprehensive programmes based on thoroughly designed competence profiles that help to build consistency in performing the role: Train the Trainers course, The Art & Science of Coaching, School of Facilitators, Learning & Development Management – School of Managing Development Processes in Organisation. We promote development of managerial competences by recurring, open training sessions as part of Team Leader’s Week.

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