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We support organisations in the development of organisational culture

Our key specialisations:

As a rule, changes in organisations result from well thought through, rational decisions based on market conditions, and they serve to improve the efficiency of the organisation. This does not mean that such changes are eagerly embraced and accepted by the staff. Together with our clients, we develop a strategy for implementing changes in an organisation so that it accounts for both the organisational and emotional aspects, finally leading to the commitment of the team to designing and implementing changes in the company.

We answer the following challenges:

  • How to prepare people for the arrival of change?
  • How to communicate change in an organisation?
  • How to nurture the motivation of the team during the implementation of change?
  • How to involve people in the process of implementing change?
  • How to manage uncertainty and lack of information during the process of implementing change?
  • How to work on resistance to change?
  • How to establish change agents?

We specialise in:

  • defining the strategic courses of activity of organisations
  • designing and implementing changes in an organisation
  • preparing the managerial staff for change management in an organisation
  • the area of communicating change
  • including staff in designing and implementing change
  • shaping the leadership style and organisational culture.

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