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Who is a Coach?

The task of a coach is to develop conditions that allow the client to undertake independent and authentic reflection in the area of the challenges he or she has defined. It is important that it is the client who works out the solutions and takes responsibility for them.


A coach helps a client look at their previous behaviour in professional situations from a wider perspective. This often requires assuming the perspective of another person: a superior, business partner, client, or an entire organisation. A fuller, more systemic understanding is, as a rule, the starting point to independently designing the necessary changes.


A person who uses the assistance of a coach learns to establish ambitious and clearly defined goals and to pursue their completion persistently. Thanks to reflection supported by appropriate questions, he or she becomes aware of the new potential and learns to use his or her talents and strengths more fully.


The relationship with a coach is based on two mutually complementary pillars: full trust and respect for the client’s autonomy, and concentration on achieving clearly defined results. So the coach is neither a consultant nor a guide, he or she gives no ready-made solutions. A coach is rather a demanding partner in a conversation, helping the client’s self-reflection.


Coaching is particularly useful for talent management, shaping of a participatory style of management, assuming a managerial role, or as a development tool for key company managers.


One of the experiences giving vast satisfaction in a coach’s work is when a client becomes aware of new potential and learns to use his or her talents and strengths more fully, which influences his or her actual behaviour.

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