The Art & Science of Coaching

Why us?


An international Certificate Erickson Solution-Focused Coach (ESFCC) issued
at the end of the course.


The highest accreditation by the International Coach Federation and the possibility to apply for a PCC or ACC ICF certificate.


An international team of certified trainers by Erickson Coaching International and International Coach Federation.

in over 25 countries.

International community of over 45,000 coaches representing 85 countries.

Extensive experience (Erickson Coaching International since 1986, Wszechnica UJ since 2007).

A consistent methodology and preparation for coaching in a solution-focused approach inspired by the therapeutic practice of Milton Erickson.

Focus on practical skills
(demo sessions, exercises in various forms during classes and between modules, session recordings).

Feedback from mentors during meetings and between modules.

Possibility to take part in modules once again.

Co-financing of the training through Development Services Database (BUR – Bazy Usług Rozwojowych).


Graduates in Poland


Graduates in the world


Editions in Poland


The Art & Science of Coaching School of Coaches is addressed to:


who want to get a thorough workshop preparation for independent coaching work,

Managers and HR specialists

interested in implementing coaching in their organizations,

Experienced coaches

interested in a solution-focused approach, seeking a consistent methodology and even more effective tools,

Coaches, leaders, consultants, psychologists, therapists, medical staff, lawyers and others

who are looking for new opportunities for professional and personal development and want to use elements of a coaching approach in their work.

Application areas

Competences acquired during The Art & Science of Coaching
may be applied in the following areas:

conducting coaching processes with individual and business clients (life coaching, business coaching);

implementing coaching management style;

development talks with employees;

talent development and management;

team development.

Development paths


„The Art & Science of Coaching” is the accredited by the International Coach Federation.


dr Maciej Świeży

I work with leadership teams, inviting them to discuss the future of the organisation they manage and helping them to shape their culture together. I run team and individual coaching, and participate in long-term consulting projects supporting organisational change.

I design tools and standards for the professional development of trainers and the development of organisation-wide conditions favouring learning and exchange of experience. I have authored the Małopolska Standards of Education and Training Service, competence profiles, training curricula, and knowledge management tools.

I indicate practical applications of the knowledge of psychology in many fields of life, notably management, training, coaching, problem-solving, and decision-making. I also deliver short, inspiring talks on these subjects. I work in Poland and abroad: I am a member of the international Erickson Coaching International trainer team, and one of the instructors of the School of Thinking programme run by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

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Artur Krupa

I specialize in training focused on developing training and coaching skills, as well as using insights about group dynamics for managing teams and organizations. I am one of the trainers of “The Art and Science of Coaching”, and the Program Manager of trainers certification process.

I also have many years of experience in design and implementation of learning and development processes for managers and teams. I consult to organizations undergoing important changes, and apply individual or team coaching to support organizations in achieving their business goals.

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Magdalena Giec

Magdalena Giec has been a part of Erickson International Mentor Team since 2011. As a mentor she works with Polish, French and English speaking coaches. She teaches The Art & Science of Coaching and Module V in France, Quebec in Canada and Bulgaria.

Fascinated by the impact of human voice on creative states of the brain she helps her mentees to find their natural voice of True Friend, Wizard, Wise Elder and Enlightened Warrior and use them consciously in different phases of a coaching session.

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Jo-Ann Harris

Jo-Ann Harris is the Director of Training at Erickson Coaching International. She also facilitates The Art & Science of Coaching both online and in person.

As a seasoned training and development specialist, Jo-Ann was introduced to the fascinating world of coaching 12 years ago. With over 15 years experience in management and as a certified training and development professional, she began her coaching career as an internal business coach, working with management professionals and teams in the corporate world. Her interest in the role of professional and personal leadership, and the importance of effective relationships in creating successful organizations, led to her studies in leadership at the Masters level. During this time, she also became a certified executive coach and enjoyed the opportunity to bring coaching into the world of developmental leadership.

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Halka Balackova

Halka Balackova has been working in the area of training and development since 1994, when she got her MBA at Durham University Business School (UK). Since then, she led a large number of training and development projects with the clients such as Ogilvy & Mather, Deloitte CZ, DB Schenker, CSOB, Telefonica O2, RFE/RTL, Aspire Sports and others. She has now over 5500 training hours experience using advanced NLP and coaching principles in her highly sought after transformational programs.

In coaching, she specializes on working with teams and team leaders, helping the clients to reach high effectiveness and joy at the same time. Since 2007 she has become a trainer of The Art and Science of Coaching for the Czech and Slovak Republics and Europe (Portugal, Poland). In 2010, she got her PCC at ICF having over 1.200 coaching hours on her account now. Her mission is to support the development of human potential and help individuals and teams to reach long-term growth and abundance balanced with happiness at work and in personal life.

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dr Zerrin Baser

Dr. Zerrin Baser brings an impressive breadth of professional experience in health sector policies and project management to her career as a trainer and coach in new human technologies. She is a medical doctor, an ICF Professional Certified Coach, an Erickson International Senior Trainer in Transformational Change Management, and an Executive Coach. Dr. Baser managed a World Bank-funded project in Primary Health Care as well as EU-funded projects, and also served as a technical advisor to the WHO on health policies in primary health care.

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Carla Benedetti

Carla Benedetti joined Erickson International in 2013 to complete The Art & Science of Coaching, Manager as Coach and develop as an Erickson International Trainer.

After 15 years experience in Management, Human Resources and Entrepreneurship, Carla completed her first Corporate Coaching Program. She started her training and coaching practice in 2007.

She is a Trainer and PCC member of the ICF (International Coach Federation); member of the Board of Directors of ICF Italian Chapter in 2012 – 2013.

She works with Managers and Professionals who want to improve performance and the quality of their life.

Areas of expertise as coach and trainer include: workforce transformation, entrepreneurship innovation, goal setting training, leadership and organizational development.

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Kim Leischner

Kim Leischner is a professional trainer, facilitator, coach and entrepreneur. She has more than 20 years of experience in team facilitation, leadership, human development and experiential education. She is a developer of Erickson Coaching International’s “High Performance Team Coaching” ACTP Online training Program and teaches in-person and online coach training programs for Erickson Coaching International as part of their international trainer team. Kim is a Canadian entrepreneur, professional speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach.

She works internationally to design and deliver a broad spectrum of human and organizational development coaching packages and programs. From 2002 to 2007 Kim owned and operated a highly successful adventure-based training company operating in Hong Kong and China. Past clients include Swire-Coca Cola, Bonaqua, ING, EBay Hong Kong, EPCOS, Lexus Nexus and many international schools in Hong Kong and China.

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Module I


  • 4 days/ 32 h
  • The basics – coaching fundamentals
  • Erickson Solution Focused Coaching Foundation
  • The Basics-Coaching Fundamentals
  • The Powerful Brain Conversation
  • Coaching Solutions
  • The As-If Frame
  • The Logical Levels & Creating Client Futures
  • Voice and Tone in Coaching
  • The Feedback Frame

Module II


  • 4 days/ 32 h
  • Planning and solution designing coaching
  • Prioritization Models
  • Time Management
  • Creativity and Expanded Perspectives
  • Tri-Position Planning
  • Strategy Creation: The Realist
  • Mastery and Coaching the Critic

Module III


  • 4 days/ 32 h
  • Values and Self- awarness coaching
  • Values Fundamentals
  • Motivation and Assumptions
  • Core Outcome Coaching
  • States
  • Spiral Value – The Graves Model
  • Communication: Agreement and Commitment

Module IV


  • 4 days/ 32 h
  • Integration – achieving success
  • The Study of Metaprograms – a must know for coaches, what they are and how to use them.
  • Representational Systems
  • Client Perspective
  • Coach Position Effectiveness
  • Success Conversations: Leadership, Vision, and Abundance

Objectives of the training

At the end of the course, the participants will have:

developed a coherent understanding of the role of a coach, the coaching relationship, and the uses of coaching in organisations,

mastered the comprehensive and well-established coaching methodology, including the structure of a coaching talk,

mastered a broad range of tools and processes which are useful in reinforcing the effects of coaching,

acquired coaching communication skills corresponding to the International Coach Federation’s competency profile.

Mentoring grupowy

  • 2 spotkania / 2 h

Spotkania online, które obejmują:

  • przydział uczestników do mentorów,
  • rozmowę na temat rozwoju zawodowego uczestników,
  • przypomnienie i przegląd profilu kompetencji coachingowych
  • doskonalenie umiejętności oceny jakości rozmów coachingowych.

Sesje grupowe

  • 3 sesje grupowe
  • Sesje mentoringu grupowego wraz z uczestnikami pakietu certyfikacyjnego i mentorem (zgodnie z poznaną strukturą w tzw. trójkach coachingowych)
  • Terminy ustalane są indywidualnie wraz z mentorem.

Sesje indywidualne

  • 3 sesje indywidualne
  • Sesje indywidualne obejmują bezpośrednią współpracę
    z mentorem w odniesieniu do prowadzonych „na żywo” lub nagrywanych sesji coachingowych.


  • Obserwowana sesja coachingowa
  • Egzamin ustny realizowany w formie sesji coachingowej: obserwowana sesja telekonferencyjna z własnym klientem
  • Weryfikacja zgodności z profilem kompetencyjnym na poziomie PCC ICF
  • Decyzja o przyznaniu certyfikatu certyfikatu Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Diploma – ESFCD ACTP ICF


Pakiet certyfikacyjny kursu Szkoły Coachów „The Art & Science of Coaching” to dopełnienie procesu rozwoju rozpoczętego w trakcie Modułów I-IV.


Program „The Art & Science of Coaching” Moduły I-IV + Pakiet certyfikacyjny jest objęty najwyższym poziomem akredytacji przyznawanej przez International Coach Federation – ACTP. Oznacza to, że jego absolwenci mogą występować o certyfikaty na poziomie PCC i ACC korzystająć z uprzywilejowanej ścieżki ACTP.


 Więcej informacji o ścieżkach certyfikacji na stronie blank

Pobierz szczegółową ofertę

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Uczestnicy kursu mogą liczyć na:

zindywidualizowane wsparcie w trakcie certyfikacji (dzięki zaangażowaniu zespołu mentorów),

kompleksową informację zwrotną i rekomendacje rozwojowe w trakcie indywidualnych i grupowych sesji mentorskich,

wymianę doświadczeń z grupą doświadczonych, praktykujących coachów,

wskazówki i rekomendacje dotyczące konkretnych sytuacji pochodzących z ich własnej praktyki zawodowej,

możliwość uzyskania podwójnej międzynarodowej akredytacji coachingowej (ESFCDI i ACC lub PCC ICF).

Moduł I


  • 4 dni | 32 h
  • Fundamenty i założenia profesjonalnego coachingu
  • Podstawowe założenia coachingu
  • Umiejętności komunikacyjne coacha
  • Struktura rozmowy coachingowej
  • Zawieranie kontraktu i definiowanie rezultatów sesji
  • Wykorzystanie wyobraźni i zmiany perspektywy
  • Wprowadzenie w profil kompetencji ICF
  • Formułowanie pytań coachingowych

Moduł II


  • 4 dni | 32 h
  • Coaching planowania i tworzenia rozwiązań
  • Wyznaczanie priorytetów
  • Planowanie i zarządzanie czasem
  • Wspieranie twórczości i projektowania rozwiązań
  • Wewnętrzny krytyk i poszukiwanie wsparcia
  • Mistrzostwo i wspieranie wytrwałości w uczeniu się
  • Długofalowa relacja coachingowa


  • Mentoring grupowy i indywidualny
  • Indywidualne wsparcie i kompleksowa informacja zwrotna
  • 2 spotkania online (mentoring grupowy)
  • 3 sesje mentoringu grupowego w trójkach coachingowych
  • 3 sesje mentoringu indywidualnego
  • Forma dodatkowa dla osób, które ubiegają się o certyfikat Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Qualification i akredytację w ICF na poziomie ACC

Moduł I-II + Pakiet certyfikacyjny

Moduły I-II (70 h) są akredytowane przez ICF jako Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) co oznacza, że ich absolwenci spełniają istotne dla certyfikacji ICF kryterium ukończenia profesjonalnego szkolenia coachingowego.

  • blank


Osoby, które ukończą szkolenie dysponują:

rozumieniem roli coacha, relacji coachingowej i zastosowań coachingu w organizacjach,

umiejętnością zaprojektowania i przeprowadzenia pełnego procesu coachingowego,

zestawem narzędzi dostosowanych do różnej tematyki i kontekstu prowadzenia rozmów coachingowych,

możliwością uzyskania podwójnej międzynarodowej akredytacji coachingowej (ESFCQ i ACC ICF).


Modules I - IV:



Moduły I - IV and Certification package :



blank More information on Certification process in the International Coach Federation (ICF).


Kraków, Warszawa, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk

13 300 PLN + 23% VAT

(16 359 PLN gross) Payment up to 45 days before the training starts

Discount of 1200 PLN

13 900 PLN + 23% VAT

(17 097 PLN gross) Payment up to 30 days before the training starts

Discount of 600 PLN

14 500 PLN + 23% VAT

(17 835 PLN gross) Payment up to 14 days before the training starts

Standard fee

4 x 3625 PLN + 23% VAT

(4 458,75 PLN gross) Payment up to 30 days before the training starts

Discount of 500 PLN

4 x 3750 PLN + 23% VAT

(4 612,5 PLN gross) Payment up to 14 days before the training starts

Standard fee

The fee includes:

  • 136 training hours accredited by the International Coach Federation,
  • A set of training materials in Polish and English,
  • Lunch (diet adjustable) and coffee breaks,
  • A certificate of completion of “The Art & Science of Coaching” at the ACSTH level issued by Erickson Coaching International,
  • A certificate of completion of “The Art & Science of Coaching” at the ACSTH level issued by Wszechnica UJ,
  • Possibility to obtain the international Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Certificate (ESFCC)
  • Possibility to obtain an ACC certificate, PCC International Coach Federation,
  • Feedback during training and between modules I-IV from mentors / trainers,
  • Access to the Erickson Hub platform.
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