Wszechnica UJ

We support thinking together and acting responsibly.
We help to build learning organisations, and support
the conscious taking on of professional roles.

Wszechnica UJ is a partner for organisations for which continuous development is important. We help to build a healthy and supportive work environment, where effectiveness results from the pursuit of shared goals, well-designed processes, and highly developed competences – not excessive pressure and short-sighted exploitation of resources. We do this by completing consulting and training projects connected to strategic planning, shaping of organisational culture, and development of managerial staff and internal training teams.

From the beginning of our operation we have trained professionals responsible for the development of others: trainers, coaches, facilitators, consultants, managers, and HR Business Partners. We support them in the conscious and effective taking on of their professional roles. Our schools offer holistic programmes based on carefully designed competence profiles that help in the achievement of a clear understanding of your role by offering a professional set of tools.

Our roots reach back to 2005, when we were set up as a non-faculty unit of the Jagiellonian University, inspired by the “university extensions” formula popular in the US and the EU. Since then we have changed. We have acquired consultants who work for us on exclusive contracts and develop our method of work with us, we have transformed into an independent company, established cooperation with partners from all over the world, and begun to run projects for foreign clients. Not forgetting our roots, we still care for what is so crucial for the world of academia: fact-based knowledge, deeper reflection, and confrontation of our opinions with other views and the results of research.

Key moments in our history


Incorporation of Wszechnica UJ

Wszechnica UJ was set up at the Jagiellonian University to provide access to expert knowledge and the intellectual potential of our alma mater through practical business solutions.


1st Polish edition of the Art & Science of Coaching

The international coach development programme The Art & Science of Coaching found its way to Poland thanks to the cooperation of Wszechnica UJ with Erickson Coaching International.


1st edition of the Train the Trainers course

One of our flagship programmes based on a proprietary competence model is a tested and reliable means of preparing oneself for the role of trainer.


1st Group Relations conference

The first International Group Relations Conference in Poland was an event that allowed attendees to experience the dynamic of small and large groups, focusing attention on the processes operating “below the surface.”


1st Learning Organisation conference

An annual meeting during which we share knowledge and experience gained in producing complex consulting projects aimed at building learning organisations.


International Facilitation Week comes to Poland

We joined the International Facilitation Week to show how facilitation can be used to build space for cooperation, include staff in co-creation of the organisation, support team independence and creativity, and also exploit team potential.


CPF international certification for our facilitators

Two facilitators of Wszechnica UJ are internationally endorsed as Certified Professional Facilitators.


IAF accreditation for our School of Facilitators

Our school is Poland’s first to have been accredited by the International Association of Facilitators

25 countries we have worked in
16,000 graduates of our private training projects
2,500 graduates of our schools
550 training and consulting projects

Our values

  • Purpose
  • Simplicity
  • Partnership
  • Diligence
  • Development


We respond to actual needs, and provide support in conscious adoptions of the roles.

Independent of the type of challenge, our working methods always take the following into account:


Promoting proven methods

We disseminate selected, valuable approaches drawn from various psychological traditions and trends, as well as models of organisational operation. We carry out activities geared at development in line with the standards of recognised international organisations: the International Coach Federation for coaching, and the International Association of Facilitators for facilitation. In each case our goal is to adapt them to the specific context and challenges of our clients.


Active learning

We offer various forms of development support, and their common denominator is the interactive quality and building of participant engagement. Training is primarily based on practical experience and comes in varied range of attractive forms.


Using clients’ knowledge
and experience

The solution of a specific problem calls for creating space that brings together the experience of external experts with the competences and knowledge gathered to date within the client’s organisation. This is why our client’s experience is always the starting point and the touchstone for the efficiency of the solutions we offer. This often requires setting up a project team or organising a workshop with the participation of various employee groups.


Perspective of the group
as a whole

Our consultants assume a perspective that makes both the organisation and the training group something more than a collection of rationally-operating individuals. Thanks to this, they consider the mechanisms that bring behaviour into line and make a significant, albeit not always conscious, impact on the way those groups undertake tasks.


A learning organisation

We design development activities in such a way as to prepare the organisation and staff to cope independently with the challenges resulting from their unique characteristics and tasks. It is only such an approach that can build the competences needed for the continued and independent increase in the efficiency of actions within a company. Reliable support for development must also include the fundamental task of the organisation: it is only thanks to a concentration on the priorities that we can define the vision of the necessary change and design the activities that lead to it.


Action Research method

Our consultants apply their expert knowledge in various ways. They observe the effects of their own actions in real time, draw conclusions from them, and allow others to participate in creating the knowledge necessary for introducing changes. The regularity of the development projects we propose is based on the active and regular optimisation of the planned activities.

Our team

Maciej Kocurek

President of the Board, trainer, consultant, facilitator

Iwona Sołtysińska

Development Director, consultant, trainer, coach, facilitator

dr Maciej Świeży

Programme Director, consultant, trainer

Monika Gąsienica

Trainer, facilitator, coach

Artur Krupa

Trainer, coach, consultant, facilitator

Katarzyna Gacek

Trainer, consultant

Paweł Grzesik

Trainer, actor, coach

Aneta Marek

Development projects consultant, sales manager

Izabela Górska

Development projects consultant, coach, psychologist, trainer

Karolina Kłeczek

Senior development projects manager

Magdalena Pęcak

Development projects consultant, trainer, facilitator, coach

Jakub Skrzypek

Finance and organisation specialist

Joanna Kudła

Development projects manager

Karolina Chmiel

Development projects manager

Magdalena Krakowska-Buszek

Matketing, PR and event specialist

Rafał Stożek

Development and international cooperation specialist

Izabela Podpłomyk-Antoszek

Development projects consultant

Justyna Mazurek

Training assistant

Company authorities

The Board

Maciej Kocurek – President of the Board


Audit Committee

Professor Piotr Dobosz – Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University
Dr Małgorzata Kutera – Institute of Economics, Finance, and Management of the Jagiellonian University


We support organisations and institutions in shaping organisational culture that stimulates thinking together, responsible action, and attainment of business goals. We run consulting and training projects all around Poland and abroad.

We have gained the trust of: