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We support organisations in the development of organisational culture

Our key specialisations:

There is “that reason” that organisations exist for: the effectiveness of their actions can be judged on condition that the fundamental task of the organisation, and the purposes it serves, are known. Only then does the functioning of the business or institution cease to resemble drifting and begins to be a journey with a clearly defined direction. Even then, the strategy of attaining goals calls for regular updates and adjustments to the changing reality. A “new opening” may be necessary to refresh the motivation of the staff and clearly define the organisation’s attitude towards the emerging challenges.

We answer the following challenges:

  • How to formulate a coherent and inspiring strategy for an organisation?
  • How to negotiate a specific vision of a change and build a coalition in support of it?
  • How to communicate the vision of the company to employees?
  • How to involve employees in achieving the strategy?
  • How to take care of innovation and creativity in a company?

We specialise in:

  • developing visions and organisational development strategies
  • reviewing and updating of the strategic direction for organisations
  • analysing the dynamics in management teams at the strategic level
  • involving staff at various levels of an organisation in understanding, developing, and implementing strategies
  • creating innovative solutions
  • preparing teams for creative work
  • designing solutions, supporting the culture of innovation.


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