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We support organisations in the development of organisational culture

Our key specialisations:

Unique knowledge, highly skilled staff, and innovativeness are the pillars on which organisations can build their competitive advantage. The condition to deliver this strategy is the investment in the development of competences of the staff and the creation of specific solutions – products, services, and operating procedures. In the context of high employee mobility, the creation of an environment where the knowledge and experience they obtain is shared and reinforced in the organisation is one of the key conditions for the company’s success. We help organisations to create solutions that strengthen the motivation of the staff to share knowledge and use it in their activities.

We answer the following challenges:

  • How to speed up the process of onboarding new employees?
  • How to reduce the time devoted to solving problems that have already been solved?
  • How to encourage the most experienced staff to share their knowledge with others?
  • How to create conditions for the mutual education and exchange of experience?
  • How to save funds invested into external specialists?

We specialise in:

  • creating strategies for building learning organisations
  • designing solutions that support information flow in an organisation
  • building a learning community within a company
  • bolstering the staff’s motivation to share knowledge in an organisation
  • developing internal training and coaching teams.


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