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Who is a Trainer?

A trainer is responsible for improving the competences of the people he or she works with by developing their knowledge and skills, or shaping the attitudes of the training participants. A trainer should know the subject he or she is working with, that is, he should have knowledge of the subject supported by experience. A significant element in the role of the trainer is their skill in sharing that knowledge.


He or she is responsible for developing working conditions that favour learning, experiencing, correction of behaviour, and practising skills. The trainer works so that the participants find learning both safe and demanding, interesting and engaging. In designing the training programme a trainer uses various methods and tools that are appropriate to the group’s needs and potential, and with the expected results in mind. A trainer inspires and encourages participants to use what they have learnt in their personal and professional practice, and to further development in their selected field.


One of the experiences that gives the trainer great satisfaction is learning from the participants’ reactions that the presented content is of real significance to them, and that it can help them carry out tasks in their professional and personal lives.

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